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Dear Applicant,
We welcome you to the Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra. The Kendra is an institution committed to the preservation and dissemination of traditional Indian music and dance.

The college, founded in 1952, has a long established reputation for excellence in the field of performing arts. It is a lively cultural centre reflecting a fusion of rich artistic traditions and contemporary insights.

The mission of the Kendra is to provide each student with education in a safe and supportive environment that promotes a thirst for knowledge and understanding, sound values, self discipline, motivation and excellence in learning. The Kendra assists the students in developing skills, encourages them to become independent and self-reliant, and prepares them to become responsible citizens of the global community.

At the Kendra, the learning process is seen as one that is both challenging and enjoyable. We believe an art education should foster creativity, independent thinking, as well as provide a deep grounding in one or more performing disciplines. We provide the students not only exemplary education but also a participative atmosphere to learn and perform.
The students' fraternity of the Kendra is expected to inculcate a sense of pride in and obligation to India's rich cultural heritage. With a variety of courses on offer ranging from classical vocal music to the highly stylized Chhau dance, the students gain immense exposure to the richness of India's performing arts. The faculty comprises gurus in different disciplines, who have earned laurels for themselves and for the Kendra. Some are alumni driven by the spirit of wanting to give back something of what they previously imbibed here.
The Kendra offers a diverse series of courses. Students can prepare for a performing and/or teaching career in their chosen discipline. Apart from the normal professional courses, there are classes for children in which a child can explore a particular musical or dance style without the immediate pressure of choosing it as a career option.

The Kendra has a large and rare collection of books, audio as well as visual recordings and extensive archival materials in its library. With Kamani Auditorium and spacious campus grounds, the Kendra is a focal point of cultural activities. It has a full calendar of cultural events in which every student is encouraged to participate actively.

Apart from normal college activities, the students are in close touch with the Kendra's renowned ballet unit, a dance ensemble that performs extensively in India and abroad. Talented students have the privilege of performing with the unit, a privilege which carries with it, the advantage as well as the excitement of appearing on the best stages and working with inspiring choreographers.

Being selected to join the Kendra's student body is both an honour and a responsibility. It is hoped and expected that those who gain entrance here will be guided and inspired in their work by the artistic commitment of faculty members and other students already studying here.

The Kendra believes that financial constraints should not be an impediment to talented students; as such a limited number of scholarships are offered on merit cum means basis.
Finally, I welcome you to the Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra and hope that you will find your stay fruitful and rewarding.

Shobha Deepak Singh

Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra
1, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi 110 001
Tel.: 43503333, 23386428/29. Fax: 23383568

ESTD : 1955

A premier cultural institute of the country, Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra was initially founded as ‘Jhankar’ in 1947. Started then as a group for the appreciation of Indian classical music and dance, ‘Jhankar’ has since grown into a regular college imparting training in music and dance. This institution was later registered as Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra in 1952 under the Societies’ Registration Act XXI of 1860, and has been recognised by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

Preservation and promotion of our cultural heritage through the performing arts have been the primary objective and predominant goal of the Kendra. It has made significant contributions in this direction. This effort has expressed itself mainly in two directions: the College of Music and Dance, and the Performing Arts Section.
The College offers tuitions in most of the classical dance styles and music forms of India, such as Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Odissi, Chhau, Hindustani Classical Vocal and Instrumental Music. Eminent gurus of these disciplines supervise the teaching programmes to help the students excel in their subject of study.
The Performing Arts Section is engaged in production and presentation of dance dramas all over the country and abroad. The production and presentation of Ramlila has become a notable annual event in the cultural life of the capital, and over sixty thousand people witness it every year during the Dussehra month.

Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra is located in the heart of Delhi’s cultural hub, the Mandi House area. It nestles in the calm atmosphere of over two acres of space. The compound also houses the premier auditorium of Delhi — the Kamani Auditorium, which is a sister-body of the Kendra. It is surrounded by several prominent national centres of cultural activities, such as Sangeet Natak Akademi, Lalit Kala Akademi and Doordarshan Kendra. Other institutes include Kathak Kendra, National School of Drama, Triveni Kala Sangam and Little Theatre Group. The students, therefore, have good opportunities to interact with music, dance and theatre faculties.
The Kendra is accessible by bus and metro.

(a)        Classical Vocal
(b)        Light Classical Vocal
(c)        Tabla/Sitar/Sarod
(d)       Kathak
(e)        Bharatanatyam
(f)        Odissi
(g)        Chhau – Mayurbhanj
(h)        Ballet / Contemporary Dance
The study courses comprise the following:
Course Duration
a.         MUSIC & DANCE APPRECIATION COURSE    1 to 2 years
b.         CERTIFICATE COURSE     3 years
c.         DIPLOMA COURSE            2 years
d.         POST-DIPLOMA COURSE 2 years
e.         PROFESSIONAL COURSE 1 year onwards
(after Post-Diploma Course)

1.         All students are required to attend classes at least thrice a week in the main discipline. Students failing to satisfy the conditions of attendance are liable to be disqualified from the college.
2.         The minimum age for admission to the Certificate Course is 8 years as on July 1, 2010. Students will be considered for Diploma Courses only after they attain the age of 13 years. We have also introduced a Professional Training Course for Post-Diploma holders.
3.         Applications for admission should be addressed to the Director, Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra, 1, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi 110 001. Applications in prescribed form should reach the Kendra on or before 30th June 2010. The price of the prospectus with the admission form is Rs 250/-.
4.         The selection of the candidates for admission to any course is made through an audition. Pre-recorded music is not permitted for the audition.
5.         The application form has a list of positive weightage subjects. Please read them carefully and mark your preferences. Students, who have positive inclination to these subjects, will be given preference.
6.         The new session of the Kendra starts on 1st July and concludes on 31st May every year unless otherwise notified.
7.         Mobile phones should be switched off during classes; failing which they are liable to be confiscated for 24 hours.

Particulars       Amount (Rs)
*Prospectus/application form by hand            250.00
ICCR Students — Tuition Fee (per month)   1,500.00
ICCR Students — Hostel Fee (per month)    1,700.00
*Admission Fee (non-refundable)      800.00
*Security Deposit       1,000.00
*Examination Fee       1,000.00
*Founder’s Day/Performance charge 500.00
*Library fund  300.00
*Security Deposit for Mess (refundable)        2,000.00
*Security Deposit for Hostel (refundable)     2,000.00
Hostel admission fee (non refundable)           1,000.00
Music & Dance Appreciation Course
1st year (per month)    500.00
2nd year (per month)  600.00
Certificate Course
1st year (per month)    700.00
2nd year (per month)  750.00
3rd year (per month)   800.00
Diploma Course
1st Year (per month)   900.00
2nd year (per month)  1,000.00
Post-Diploma Course
1st year (per month)    1,100.00
2nd year (per month)  1,300.00
Professional Course
To be determined on individual merit
Identity Card (The card to be returned after the expiry of student’s tenure)            50.00
Duplicate Identity Card          50.00
Hostel Charges (per month) (local students)  1,500.00
Mess Charges (per month) (local students)     1,800.00
(subject to revision)
*          The exact amount of the fees payable will be communicated to the candidate after his/her admission and placement have been finalised.
*          At the time of issue of I-cards, all students need to bring along a recent passport size photograph and fill in their blood group in the I-card.
*          All refundable dues will be held by the Kendra for a period of one year.

1.         All fees are payable in advance by cash on quarterly basis, commencing 1st July and by the 10th of the first month of the quarter. Thereafter, a fine of Rs. 10/- per day will be levied upto 20th of the month and thereafter Rs.20/- will be charged till the last date of the month. After the last day of the month, the name of the student will be struck off the rolls, and the security deposit shall be forfeited. Fee deposit timings are 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5.30 pm on all working days.
2.         If a student is admitted in the middle of the term, he/she shall have to pay full fees for the quarter of that particular term.
3.         Fees once paid are not refundable.
4.         If a student leaves before completion of the course without sufficient reason, he/she will not be refunded his/her security deposit.
5.         The security deposit will lapse, if not claimed within one year of the student leaving the institution.
6.         Each student of the college will be provided with an identity card. Students should carry this card while coming for the class and show it, if asked. This card will have to be returned to the college when the student leaves the college.
7.         Students holding scholarships from ICCR or similar organizations shall be charged tuition fees, etc., as per the arrangements agreed between the sponsoring agency and the Kendra.

A student, whose name has been struck off the rolls, will be readmitted only at the discretion of the Management and on full payment of admission fee.
10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. (Class Time Table may be obtained from the Principal). Classes on various courses will be conducted as per the Time Table.  All classes should be vacated by 1.15 p.m. after the morning session and 7.15 p.m. after the evening session.

The institution observes summer vacation for one month from 1st June to 30th June every year.

1.         Students are expected to observe strict discipline in the class.
2.         Students are required to attend at least 75% of the classes for Bi-Annual and Annual examination.
3.         Students, who remain absent for ten consecutive classes without leave applications, shall be struck off the rolls.
4.         Parents and visitors are strictly prohibited from entering the teaching area.
5.         Any student found indulging in any undesirable conduct will be suspended or expelled at the discretion of the Management.
6.         Students are expected to actively participate in the activities of the Kendra, such as performances / concerts / lecture-demonstrations as and when required.

A gracious residence with beautiful lawns of its own, the SBKK Hostel has a Visitor’s lounge, and a Cafetaria. Limited hostel accommodation is available both for male and female students. The hostel is situated in the SBKK premises and is provided with basic amenities and furniture.

1.         Applications for hostel accommodation must reach the College before 15th July. The allocation of the hostel would depend on the student’s behaviour and aptitude.
2.         Any candidate wishing to seek hostel accommodation shall be required to fill in the prescribed license form at the time of allotment of the hostel accommodation.
3.         Ordinarily, only students residing outside Delhi shall be considered for hostel accommodation.
4.         Applicants shall have to attach with the hostel application a medical fitness certificate.

1.         Hostel applications of only those students who attend classes six days a week will be entertained.
2.         Applicants shall submit a written undertaking that they will not accept any paid job or join any study/training course other than being conducted at the Kendra/College during the period of their studentship.
3.         For any outside assignments, the hostel students shall apply to the Director, and obtain permission in advance.
4.         Hostel accommodation shall not be claimed as a matter of right.
The decision of the Management shall be final and cannot be challenged. Once the hostel accommodation is granted, students shall strictly abide by the hostel rules of conduct and other terms and conditions.
5.         The SBKK authorities may recommend eviction of a student on disciplinary grounds; in which case, the concerned student would be given 48 hours to vacate the room.
6.         If any student seeks to leave the Hostel on valid grounds, he/she must seek the prior permission of the Director through Principal/ Warden.
7.         If a student leaves the hostel before the completion of one academic year, he/she will not be refunded his/her security deposit.
8.         The Mess charges should be deposited by 10th of every month with Accounts Department.
9.         It is compulsory for hostel students to have a subsidiary subject.  In case, a student discontinues to stay in hostel he/she will have to pay the fees for the subsidiary subject.

The Kendra houses a large library of rare and contemporary books in Hindi and English on music, philosophy, religion and associated subjects. The library is also equipped with a large and valuable collection of audio and video cassettes. Students are encouraged to make optimum use of the library.

The Kendra has a canteen which caters to the resident students as well as outsiders. It serves light refreshments and meals.

The Kendra organises a wide range of cultural activities throughout the year. These include Krishna, Ram, Basant Utsav, Holi Festival,  Shriram Shankarlal Music Festival and Ballet Festival. The Kendra expects the students to participate actively in all functions. The ornaments and costumes are all made at the Kendra and students are encouraged to participate in their making and learn in the process.
The eligibility for extension of the hostel facilities depends, among other things, on the students’ participation in above-mentioned activities.

Examinations for all subjects are held twice during the academic session. The first is the bi-annual (mid-term) examination and the second, the annual (end-term) examination. The Kendra reserves the right to disallow any student to appear in the examination on grounds of indiscipline or gross violation of rules or shortage of attendance.

1.         Park your vehicle in the allotted place.
2.         Apply for leave in advance and get it sanctioned from your Teacher and Principal. In case of illness, applications must be supported by a medical certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner.
3.         Do not take musical instruments out of the class-room.
4.         Eatables/drinks are prohibited in the class-room.

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Founder Patron
Sumitra Charat Ram
Director & Vice Chairperson
Shobha Deepak Singh
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